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Advantages of Kara Web

Web based installation, implementation and operation
Flexible and dynamic in adoption with the diverse needs of large organizations
Access control based on the tree structure and geographical distribution

The Capable to define organizational chart and the administrative hierarchy
Defining powerful computational core with flexible layouts
Having successful experimental samples with large-scale distribution
Performing paperless workflow automation and business mission and quality based overtime
Supporting types of attendance devices

Diverse and dynamic reports
The Capable to define the desired Basic Organizational Information such as different types of leave, missions, employment and even educational levels and SQL Sever 2012, supporting Ajax technology and database of 2012, .Net Framework 4.0 ....
Specifications of Kara Web
1. Web based installation, implementation and operation
2. According to the web-based software, there is no need to install and maintain software in different points. It requires less bandwidth than other types of web-based software.
3. This software was basically designed and programmed as web based. In comparison with Windows based software, where their reporting systems is web-based, Kara 2000 Web-Based Software has a completely different performance due to the special design of which, especially in the distribution of points and the number of users and the web for bandwidth limitations.
4. Mechanized discharge of attendance hours based on network communication with attendance devices
5. Performing discharge and timing calculations in automatic form (at desired intervals)
6. Defining types of working shifts in an unlimited style
7. Capable to define revolving shifts
8. Capable to define time period displacement, as desired, for temporary changes
9. Capable to define different calendars for work assigned to individuals and working groups
10. Capable to define managerial access levels for reporting to any manager from personnel traffic
11. The possibility of creating a tree diagram to define organizational levels (based on organizational chart)
12. Defining new information or editing previous information
13. Providing the facilities to register leave and mission of personnel on hourly and daily basis
14. Capable to define various departments, organizational units and geographical distribution (branches)
15. Defining the maximum hourly leave per day to change extra hourly leave to daily one
16. Computing hourly leaves to change hourly leaves to daily one
17. Capable to insert various information mission (by destination, day / time, etc.) and types of Leave
18. Capable of issuing a leave status report at the end the year
19. Capable of computing daily overtime and holiday
20. Possibility of reporting a person of his/her own traffic based on defined Web-based User Name and Password within the enterprise or outside the organization
21. Capable to report to manager from affiliated personnel using web-based software within the enterprise or outside the organization
22. Capable of providing report and making types of reports from information systems, as desired
23. Capable of defining logic calculations on data fields based on rules
24. Capable for defining constraints for fields based on the definition of unauthorized and authorized modes and minimum and maximum limits. For example, permits for overtime in mission, amount of vacation hours per day or month
25 . Defining free fields to insert personnel data as customized by user and establishing databases as per organizational needs
26. Capable for manual traffic registration and traffic amendment in comparison with registered hours
27. In form of Text (connecting to Payroll software via dynamic output file)
28. Completing data fields in reports in descending and ascending types
29. Print with different Printer Types
Proper interfaces for using Ajax
30. Supporting Ajax
31. Supporting . Net framework based on 4.0
32. SQL Server 2012
33. C# Programming language

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Kara2000 is the first manufacturer of time and attendance systems in Iran

Kara2000 is only service provider and manufacturer of cloud attendance systems in Iran