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Reservation and Self-Service Automation
Restaurant management system (Reservation and Self-Service Automation) was designed to facilitate and speed up booking and receiving food, and subsequently for presenting varied and applied reports in this field. In this system, personnel book their food online using food device or software; they attend the restaurant at specified time and receive their food.

In addition to facilitating and speeding up booking process and receiving food, restaurant management system results in saving raw materials and decreasing number of cooked foods.
In this system, the main objective deals with controlling, simplifying and automating restaurant and its related processes.
It is to be noted that KARA comprehensive restaurant management system has a variety of successful experimental samples in restaurants and terminals and varied validations.
The aforesaid system provides the following facilities:
Allocating authorized personnel to the terminal (device) based on various criteria such as gender, group and traffic, etc.
System operation in Stand Alone style
The ability of selecting food via touch screen or keyboard
Ability of connecting the device to Attendance System in order to validate authorized personnel

Having a successful experimental sample with significant number of restaurants and terminals
Ability to apply various Validations
Defining restaurant contractors
Defining restaurant devices
Defining personal information
Classifying personnel and defining working groups
Placing personnel in the Group
Defining type of reception in the restaurant
Defining the contractors of restaurants
Allocating groups to personnel
Measurement units of raw materials
Counting units for each type of food
Defining meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, “Suhur (Pre-down Meal) and Iftar (the Evening Meal)” (during Ramadan Month)
Defining sources used to supply raw materials
Defining raw materials with price
Types of foods
Defining food
Analyzing Food
Arranging food materials
Placing foods in menu
Allocating menus to restaurants
Allocating foods
Performing advanced restaurant users management with varied access


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