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Smart Attendance Systems
• Transferring data and receiving commands through the Web Service
• Capable of showing traffic of an individual in recent days
• Equipped with internal Web server to receive data or perform settings with no need to interface program

• Equipped with “win CE” operating system, compatible with a variety of computer networks and providing DHCP and Active Directory connectivity and operating as Network Node
• Capable for connecting directly to the Internet and transferring traffic data through a Web Service, easily and with no need to Ip Valid
• Capable to delete and perform fingerprint scanning and transmission of fingerprint data via web services on the Internet
• Capable of showing individuals’ traffic on a daily basis on the device, in online form
• The only locally-produced device equipped with Touch Screen
• Equipped with a color display, 4.3 inch
• Capable of saving 100,000 traffic-retrieval
• Viewing photos and names of staff when registering traffic
• Capable of defining settings and performing direct definition on device – Stand Alone
• Equipped with web based software used for integrated hardware management – optional
• Playing a variety of audio messages including public messages, personalized messages, special occasions and etc.
• Equipped with an internal Mini Computer
• Equipped with Internal UPS – optional
• Capable for direct connection to Flash Memory
• One-year guarantee on all parts, even optical sensor
• Equipped with Template II technology to update fingerprint samples
• The only locally produced devices equipped with internal web server
• Equipped with network module of TCP / IP with the capability to define Gateway and operating in multiple Trunks
• Equipped with internal Mini Computers
• Capable for directly connecting to Flash Memory
• Powered by solar date calendar and equipped with Day Light Saving
• No need to cards for traffic registration or authentication through fingerprint (in
Identify Mode)
• Capable to identify individuals in the three methods of card, fingerprint and password - equipped with optional card reader
• Traffic Registration Memory, capable to register up to 1,000,000 traffic records – retrieval
• Equipped with scratch-resistant and anti-fake optical sensor
• Diagnosing fingerprint even with rotation up to 90 degrees
• Scanning and diagnosing fingerprint under 2 seconds – in appropriation with fingerprint size
• Equipped with Template II technology to update fingerprint samples
(Very important)
• Equipped with scratch-resistant, anti-static and Anti-Fake fingerprint sensor
• Capable to record, store and retrieve 9000 fingerprint per device
• Introducing up to 10 fingerprints per person
• Unparalleled performance and speed in high fingerprint volumes even in Identify Mode

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Kara2000 is the first manufacturer of time and attendance systems in Iran

Kara2000 is only service provider and manufacturer of cloud attendance systems in Iran